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How you want to unlock it from the outside?

You already have chosen the electronic lock! Now its time to choose how you and your neighbours/colegues want to open the door. Keep in mind that all of the listed options bellow can be combined. If you want a combination from all, contact us! But for now, choose one and click the button to go to the specific sector for your choice! (4 options)

RFID electronic Keys

These are the most common used electronic keys for shared entrances. Unofortunately they are very easy to duplicate, and at some point everybody can have and give as many keys as she/he wants, and there will be no access control. Thats why in addition to standard unencrypted keys, we offer encrypted ones,  which will guarantee you sufficient security and reliability. If you want an encrypted key you need also encrypted controller. But for that…later

iButton electronic keys

IButton are contact electronic, which means that in order to unlock the lock you need to touch the reader. They are vandal-resistant due to the metal chip and the metal body of the reader, which is mounted on the door frame. They can withstand even an electric shock. They can be standard or encrypted, depending on the controller you choose and your needs. Due to the need for contact, the reader cannot be concealed in the door frame, but on the other hand, as we mentioned, they are resistant to attacks.

The only disadvantage of this type of metal readers is that if they are exposed to moisture / rain / water over time they corrode. If this happens the reader can be easily replaced with a new one.

Keyboard & RFID Electronic Keys

Keyboards are a good way to unlock because you don’t have to worry about carrying keys. We also offer vandal-resistant keyboards for outdoor installation. They do not need additional controller because they have a built-in. The disadvantage of keyboards. is that there is always a chance that someone will accidentally see the password and then have unlimited access. Also, if the same password is used for a long time, mechanical abrasion will start to be noticed on the keys, which may also indicate the password.

All the keyboards we offer, can be used only with a code, or with code and RFID keys. Note that the Keyboards are always standard system, so if you want encrypted system you need to use only key systems.

Phone Call

We offer additional devices GSM Communicators that are included as an alternative method of unlocking by phone call. For this purpose you must have a prepaid SIM card to put in the GSM50 device and when it rings it closes your call and unlocks the door. The device is controlled by the first recorded (Master) number, which is often that of the house manager and only he can record through simple SMS commands the other numbers that can work with the communicator. The GSM communicator can also be used as an intercom system with which you can open the front door of your guests when you ring and if you live upstairs you will not have to go down to unlock. We also often forget our keys at home / work but the phone is always with us.

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