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How you want to unlock it from the inside?

So far we have chosen – Elecronic lock and RFID key. Lets see how you want to unlock the system when exiting?(3 options)

Unlock Button

We offer various types of buttons for your needs. For internal or external mounting, push or motion activated buttons (No touch). 

The advantage of the buttons is that they are easy to use! And if an emergency situation happens in the building people can be easy evacuated.

Pushing the door handle

This option is only available if you have chosen the Electromagnetic strike EMH as a electronic lock. 

Electronic Key (Two sided Access Control)

For those of you who want higher two-sided protection – the door to open with a key both from the outside and from the inside. In this case we offer an additional reader that is mounted on the other inside of the door. We have had many cases when a thief enters pretending to be a neighbor or a guest, but because the entrance was locked on both sides, he could not get out afterwards and was caugh.

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