Еncrypted RFID controller for access control BulKey BKU517


BKU517 is ENCRYPTED standalone electronic RFID controller for Keyfob Tags 125kHz ASK. It is used to control electronic locks, various other devices.

  • Easy mount and mini size
  • With various protections
  • Has Memory for Events
  • With inexpensive reader
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The encrypted non-contact RFID controller for access control BKU517 works with special encrypted 125kHz ASK LESI keys that cannot be copied! BKU517 is a standalone RFID electronic controller with transistor output for access control, with mini sizes: 45 mm long and 25 mm wide, which can be installed in almost any location. The controller is used to control electronic locks, various other devices (car locks, control of central car locking, switching on and off production lines, etc.), access control in elevators.  BKU517 is controlled by a master key, which adjusts the operation of the system and records, deletes, disables electronic keys. The master key is programmed additionally!  The device can also be controlled via computer, smartphone, remotely via SMS (purchased separately). The programming and operation of the system is described in the enclosed product manual.

The product includes:

  • Controller BKU517,
  • Reader (select the reader type from Product OPTIONS),
  • Master key for system and key management,
  • Detailed documentation.

Or you can check the full kit BK517x for locking doors.

The encrypted RFID key operates at 125kHz and combines two keys into one. It has two parts – the encrypted part and the ordinary part. Due to this, this type of key is extremely versatile because it can work as an encrypted key in encrypted systems and as a simple key to ordinary systems. So, you will only carry one key again!!!! The ordinary part of the key can be copied and it will work with the ordinary systems to which it is written, but the encrypted part of the key cannot be copied !!! For example if you have encrypted access control system on your home door (with BK517x), and standard system on your shared entrance door (with BK417x), the Encrypted L1 key can work with both of them. A standard key can work only with the standard system on the entrance door. If a copy is made from the original Encrypted L1 key, the copy will work only with the standard system, but not with the encrypted system in your home door.

The BKU517 is controlled by a master key, which adjusts the operation of the system and records, deletes, disables electronic keys.. The master key is programmed additionally! You can see how this is done HERE! The device can also be controlled via computer, smartphone, remotely via SMS (purchased separately). The programming and operation of the system is described in the enclosed product manual.

It has memory for events which means that it memorizes who and when opened the door, and many more events.

Has protections agains shortcut, reverse polarity of the power supply, overload, scanning of electronic keys

Here you can choose the kit with electromagnetic lock: Dropbolt BKB100, electromagnet EMB300, electromagnetic strike.

Unlocking is done with an electronic key (RFID card, tag) that approaches or touches the reader of the device. An electronic key can be programmed to unlock and lock many doors (for example, home, garage, cellar, building entrance door, elevator, and more). Each electronic key is remembered in the system with an individual number, which allows it to be deleted without its presence, and all other keys to continue to function normally. From the inside the lock can be unlocked with pressing a button (for locks EMB300 and BKB100) or the door handle (for electromagnetic strike EMH)

The encrypted key can be transmitted from one Bulkey system to another BulKey system through specialized software and a data cable. If the system is plain (unencrypted), it will be ported as a simple key. It can be transferred from an ordinary system to an encrypted system, then its encrypted part is also transferred and it will function seamlessly in the new system!

Application of the autonomous ENCRYPTED RFID controller Bulkey BKU517 for electronic locking and access control to entrance doors. They control electromagnetic lock type Magnet, electronic lock with stud type Bolt, electromagnetic counter and others. The principle of operation is as follows: On the outside there is a reader with a two-color LED, which lights up in red when the lock is locked and in green – when it is unlocked. A valid electronic key is supplied to the reader, the lock is unlocked for 15s with a door sensor installed or for 5s without a door sensor and the door can be opened. When the door is closed, the lock is automatically locked (if this mode is selected). From the inside, the lock is unlocked by pushing a button when magnet or bolt locks are fitted, or by a door handle for a lock type counter.

Application of the autonomous ENCRYPTED RFID controller Bulkey BKU517 for access control to elevators by turning off the floor selection buttons in the elevator cabin, the principle of action being the following: The reader is installed in the cabin, which allows or not to select the floor from the button cabinet. The reader has a two-color LED, which if lit in red indicates that the floor selection buttons are off. After submitting an electronic key programmed to the system, the reader LED lights up in green and allows the floor selection button to operate for 5 seconds (adjustable from 1 sec to 4 min). After these seconds have elapsed, the pushbutton operation is automatically disabled and the LED lights up in red again. This option allows the elevator to be called on the floors by everyone, and the choice of floor from the pushbutton in the cabin can be made only with a valid electronic key!

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  • Intelligent control of electromagnetic locks –  strike, DropBolt, electromagnet
  • Electronic keys – contactless RFID 125kHz ASK EM and compatible
  • Ability to work with up to 999 keys
  • Ability to connect to a computer, protected by a master key or password
  • Possibility for remote control via GSM or LAN communicator
  • Possibility to use the access control system
  • Possibility to include in a common network of many systems for integrated building management
  • User programming of the system
  • User saving, deleting and temporary disabling of a specific key using the master key
  • Check the total number of keys stored in the system
  • Check the status of each key
  • Ability to delete, replace or change the status of a lost or unavailable key
  • Transistor output 3A for lock control
  • Input for quick unlock or lock button on the inside
  • Input for control of intercom systems
  • Reader with light indication – tricolor
  • Two modes of operation of the lock – automatic or manual
  • Monitoring the position of the door – open / closed
  • Ability to control the operation of the Unlock button – works / does not work
  • Automatic protective system reactivation function when the door is unlocked and not opened
  • Programmable sound indication in case of alarm or emergency conditions
  • Programmable function Input bell
  • Lock status light – unlocked / locked
  • Protection against scanning of electronic keys
  • Protection against electronic and electromechanical impacts and electric shock stick – only applies to control panels operating with iButton electronic keys
  • Indication in case of power failure of the system
  • Extremely easy installation, maintenance and programming


Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


Size of the controller

50/15 mm

Operating temperature

-40 to +60 'C

Power supply

10 to 16 VDC, typically 12 VDC

Protection against

short circuit, reverse polarity of power supply, overload

Security type

Output Type

open collector to -12V

Maximum current


Power consumption at rest

max. 50 mA

Ability to control more than one reader

Two-sided control


Output activation time

4s ot 15s

Compatible with NC and NO locks


Type of electric key

Reader Included


Button or door intercom system input


Door position monitoring


Sound signalization

built-in buzzer

Three-color light indication


Modes of operation

automatic and manual

PC connection


Non-volatile event memory


Built-in clock


Vandal resistant


Remote control via GSM or Internet


System User Programming and Key Management

with Master Key

Automatic safety lock


Type of Mounting

Suitable for

, , , , ,


Lesi-2000 Ltd, Bulgaria

Name from the manufacturer


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