Еncrypted Contactless RFID access control Kit for Lifts BulKey BK517A


  • Encrypted micro system that works with special encrypted Lesi-type RFID protocol chips that cannot be copied.
  • Kit includes integrated RFID 125 kHz reader. Works with standart and encrypted keys.
  • For locking access control of lifts.


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The kit includes (you can see the components in “Related Products”):

BKU517 controller;
LRF01 Reader;
Master key;
Button lock relay;
Detailed documentation. The programming and operation of the system is described in the enclosed product manual.

Put an end of uncontrolled chip duplication !!! Encrypted non-contact RFID elevator access control kit with specialized cryptographic protocol and Lesi1 non-contact 125kHz chips. The chips are 128 bit and have an extremely good price / security ratio and protect the key from copying through standard copiers. They are suitable for access control for doors of buildings and lifts. The advantage is that they can also be used on standard non-encrypted systems, which allows one key to be used for many different devices.

The reader is for incorporation with light indication. The controller has a transistor output and micro sizes. The system is programmed with a master key. It also manages the chips – recording, deleting, banning. To temporarily disable and enable a specific chip, in addition to the master key, a service button (Product Options) is also used. It has event memory and a real-time clock and multiple protections.

The system is powered by DC12V. Due to the specifics of the elevators, we offer different types of power supplies to choose from in Options:

1. Power supply module converting AC 90 to 240V, terminal box – to DC12V 2A.
2. Power supply module converting AC25 to 110V / DC 30V to 110V, terminal box – to DC12V 0.5A.

Custom electronic keys are not included. They depend on the individual needs of each client. You can read prices and details of encrypted chips here: ENCRYPTED TAG.

Technical parameters of the controller:
Power supply – 10-16 VDC, typically 12 VDC
Power consumption at rest – max. 50 mA
Operating temperature – -20 to +80 ‘C

The principle of control is as follows:

A reader is installed in the cab, which allows or not to select the floor of the pushbutton. The reader has an LED which, if lit in red, indicates that the floor selection buttons are off. After submitting an electronic key programmed to the system, the reader LED turns green and allows the floor selection button to operate for 15 seconds (adjustable from 1 second to 4 minutes). After these seconds have elapsed, the pushbutton operation is automatically disabled and the LED lights up in red again. If the elevator moves, turning off the floor selection buttons does not in any way interfere with the normal operation of the elevator. For five consecutive times a wrong key is submitted (not recorded in the system memory), the system locks for 5 seconds (time adjusts from 1 second to 5 minutes). This option allows the elevator to be called on the floors of each one, and the choice of the floor from the pushbutton in the cabin can be made only with a valid electronic key.

The BKU517 has a built-in memory for electronic keys and has the ability to select events to be stored in chronological order by date and time. The clock is energy dependent, ie. at reset the power supply always starts from 2001.01.01. If necessary, to check when an event has occurred, the date and time of the system can be seen at the moment and by regression the time of the particular event can be calculated. Clock energy can be avoided if a battery is connected to the system.

The kit includes a master card through which the system is programmed, the electronic keys are recorded and deleted. Through the LESI-patented light indication system, showing the number of electronic switches operating the system, users can easily and quickly perform control and programming – recording, deleting, status, total. For ease of use with many electronic keys – frequent deletion, recording, disabling, the BKU517 can be connected to a computer for faster and easier operation.

A major advantage of the BKU517 over other systems in this class is the ability to access the system through the computer connection input not only with a master card, but also with a password. The system has a high-security 32-bit shared password and a 40-bit password to access specific features. This feature allows the system owner to provide a shared password to a trusted person who, with this access, can only manage the keys – save, disable, enable, or delete using BulCay’s specialized software, but will not be able to change passwords and master cards. Password access provides options for:

Remote control of the system via GSM or LAN communicator – change settings, key management and more

Each system can be configured to connect to a common network with others like it. Systems can be addressed as well as changing the speed at which they communicate with each other. Networking allows them to be shared via a GSM or LAN communicator.

– Intelligent control of electromagnetic locks – counter, DropBolt, electromagnet
– Electronic keys – Contactless RFID 125kHz ASK EM and compatible Standart Keys and Encrypted . Up to 999 keys can be operated
– Built-in clock and energy-dependent programmable event memory for up to 4064 system events. The events are stored in chronological order with the date and time of the event. Ability to choose the type of events to remember
– Ability to connect to a computer protected by a master key or password. Remote control via GSM or LAN communicator
– Ability to use the access control system
– Ability to integrate many integrated building management systems into a common network
– Custom programming of the system
– User save, delete and temporarily disable keys. Check the total number of keys stored in the system. Check the status of each key. Ability to delete, replace or change the status of a lost or unavailable key
– Transistor output 1.1 A for lock control
– Input for quick unlock or lock button on the inside. Ability to control the operation of the button Unlock – works / does not work
– Intercom control input
– Reader with light indication
– Two lock modes – automatic or manual.
– Door position monitoring – open / closed.
– Lock indicator light – unlocked / locked
– Automatic security system shutdown function when the door is opened and unlocked
– Programmable sound indication in case of alarm or emergency conditions
– Programmable Incoming bell function
– Scanning protection of electronic keys
– Short circuit protection and reverse polarity of the power supply
– Extremely easy installation, maintenance and programming
– Vandal resistant


Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


Size of the controller

50/15 mm

Operating temperature

-40 to +60 'C

Protection against

short circuit, reverse polarity of power supply, overload

Security type

Output Type

open collector to -12V

Maximum current


Power consumption at rest

max. 50 mA

Two-sided control


Output activation time

4s ot 15s

Type of electric key

Master Key included


Reader Included


Button or door intercom system input


Sound signalization

built-in buzzer

Three-color light indication


PC connection


Non-volatile event memory


Built-in clock


Vandal resistant


Remote control via GSM or Internet


System User Programming and Key Management

with Master Key

Suitable for

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