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This system allows you to protect your home and maximize peace of mind for yourself and your family. By locking your door invisible to the thieves and setting an alarm system, you provide maximum security and peace of mind. This Kit allows you to recieve SMS or Phone call every time a zone is activated.

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The VR Rezident R32100 kit includes: VR Rezident III G2 alarm control panel, 3 remote controls, siren, double armored box, built-in GSM communicator, remote antenna, motion sensor, door sensor, emergency battery 7Ah / 12V BulKay BKB100, lock control relay, detailed documentation for installation and operation.

Turning on the alarm locks your home invisibly! Turning off the alarm, unlocking your home! You can also remotely switch on / off the alarm and unlock / lock the lock via your mobile phone.

The alarm system is a Valcor RESIDENT III G2 model with a built-in GSM communicator, which gives you the peace of mind that you have a connection at all times and know what’s going on with your home. The alarm has four security zones and is controlled by remote controls or by sending SMS. The alarm has three security modes. There are outputs for alarm system, external siren, telephone dialer and others; Panic function; Incoming bell; Powerful double-armored cheeses; High power supply.

The communicator has 3 user outputs that can be controlled by sending SMS or ringing and one user input for control and notification.

The electromagnetic lock in the set is BulKay BKB 100 – extremely strong and suitable for armored, aluminum, PVC, wooden, metal and thin profile doors !!! Designed for concealed installation. It is not visible from the outside, thus it is not understood about its existence or exact location, which in the event of an attack will save the object. The door lock is unilaterally locked by a steel stud. The penetration depth of the spike in the locked position is 15 mm and enters the counter plate. The movement of the locking spike is locked by applying a voltage of 12V, and in the unlocked position when the voltage drops. The lock is extremely easy to install.

• Details of the Valcor Resident III G2 alarm system can be found here: REZ3 G2

• Details of the electronic VKV 100 bolt type lock can be read here: Bulkey BKB100

• Details of the motion sensor can be found here: LC100

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