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VALCOR RESIDENT III G2 is an intelligent microprocessor system with a built-in GSM communicator, designed to protect homes, offices, shops and garages. It is operated by remote controls with hopping code. The alarm system has a built-in GSM communicator for notification of alarm events and alarm control.

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The GSM communicator has a built- in real time clock and memory for 48 events. In addition to its security functions, thanks to the built-in communicator, the alarm can also be used to control working time, and tracking which remote control at what time was used. The communicator has 3 user exits, which can be controlled by sending an SMS or by a call. User input for control and notification. The alarm is equipped with a system and a siren, located in a double-armored box, which provided space for 7 Ah battery for emergency power supply. It has many options and 29 programmable functions.

The VR RESIDENT III G2 kit includes: alarm panel, remote controls 3 pieces, siren, double armored box, GSM communicator with high capabilities, 7Ah battery for emergency power supply, motion sensor, door sensor, detailed documentation for installation and operation

Options of the alarm:
• Turning on/off by a remote control with three buttons
• Hopping code with 18 000 000 000 000 000 000 0 combinations of code
• 100% protection from a stun gun
• Power Control
• Non-volatile memory
• Self -diagnosis
• 28 programmable functions
• Double armored siren
• Autonomous  power

• 4 security zones
• Three modes of protection
• Indication for each zone
• Option to program zone 3 as a 24- hour and (or) fire zone
• A “Quiet Fire” mode
• Option to programmable zone 4 as a 24- hour zone
• bypassing of zones
• Multifunctional  LEDs
• Indication and memory for alarm events
• Programmable siren
• Different sound for  Fire alarm

• 4 -level programmable power for the door bell
• Option for silent switching on /off
• Melody switching on/off
• Silent tone for switching on/off
• Selecting of melodies for silent tone
• 4 –level programmable power of silent tone
• Operating of external siren

• On / off output
• Option for connecting to Security service
• “Panic” function
• “Silent Panic” function
• Option for recording and deleting up to 7 remote controls
• Protection of the system against low battery
• A built-in GSM communicator

Options of the communicator:
1. Compatible with any SIM card and mobile operators
2.  Zones for monitoring :
– Siren of the alarm
– Alarm status – on / off
– The four alarm zones of the alarm
– The state of the main power supply ~ 220V -yes / no
– The  battery condition – Diluted (below 10V) / Loaded (above 12.5V)
– A user input for control and notification

– One temperature zone – measuring and displaying the temperature (by a digital temperature sensor, which is not included in the kit) and when it is out of the user-set limits there is signalization.

2. Each zone is programmed as follows:
– Getting information from the zones at every change of their status – active or inactive;
– Users’ inscribing the name of the zones;
– Memory for alarm events from each zone – memory for up to 40 events;
– Continuous control of the zone status from the programmed in the memory of the system phones;
– Different notification settings for an event for each phone;
– Monitoring of alarm temperatures when going out on the range;

3. Three  programmable user outputs:
– Outputs – open collector with an option for direct control by mounting  relays of electric devices, air conditioners etc.
– Control by calling each output separately or together;
– Control via SMS;
– Programming the mode of operation of each output separately or together;
–  Programming the activation time of each output separately or together;
– Option for switching  each output separately or together;
– Setting the rights to control the outputs for each phone separately;
– Obtaining information about the status of each output;
– Users’ inscribing the name of each output;
– Option to store the change of status of the outputs in the event memory

4. Control of the alarm by SMS commands:

– Switching off
– Turning into security modes 1, 2, 3
– Turning on the siren (Function “Remote panic”)
5. Programming and control of the alarm by programming SMS from the main phone:
– Re -programming of the alarm
– Deleting of all remotes of the alarm
– Deleting of a certain number of remote
– Adding a new remote
– Replacing a remote
– Checking the total number of recorded  remotes in the alarm.

6. Four phones for notification, control and communication
– The main phone can re-program the communicator and perform service functions by sending SMS
– Communication is performed only by authorized numbers programmed with the system.
– Sending of individual information for each phone from the various events;
– Control of the rights and the performed communication of each phone from the various events;
7. Wiretapping and dialogue options at the point where the communicator is located (an extra microphone and an earphone is needed) – it can be applied only to the main phone number

8.  Memory for events and state of the communicator:
– Option to choose which events to remember;
– Storing the date and time of the event;
– A built-in real-time clock and remote setting by SMS;
– Remembering the remote and the phone which performed a certain operation;
– Memory for the last 40 events;
– Memory access control;
– Option for automatic sending the memory to authorized numbers when reaching 8 new events;
– Option for requiring of all memory by SMS commands.
9. Option for operating and setting with all GSM operators, including the features of their prepaid services – with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators.

10. Access rights, control and programming of the different functions – defined for each phone individually, as the first phone number is the main phone and has the highest priority.
11. Sending of control SMS, showing the condition of the module at a certain user- defined period of time.
12. Remote programming of the communicator by sending programming SMS from the main phone.
13. Option to send command SMS from the phones with set rights.

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