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Electronic RFID keys are suitable for any system operating at 125kHz (widely used). (The price is for a package of 500 pcs)

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The RFID electronic keys are used for access control. They are characterized by high quality and very good range. As can be seen from the photos, in appearance all RFID chips are the same, but the LESI keys are distinguished by the larger size of the antenna, which significantly increases the range of operation. Logos or any text can be printed / engraved on them. Ergonomic and comfortable to wear.

The electronic RFID key has a 64-bit code. Through specially developed anti-scanning and the presence of so many combinations of code, the system provides extremely high reliability of protection against unlocking through the use of high-tech computers and systems. The advantage of standard RFID keys is that they are the most affordable electronic keys.

RFID keys also have cryptographic or larger code variants. Read more here

Systems working with this type of electronic keys can use three types of readers hidden , panel , dug-in, depending on the place of application of the locking system. The fact that contactless readers can read the code on the electronic chip from a distance of 1 cm to 12 cm (typically between 2 and 5 cm) allows them to be hidden by mounting behind non-magnetic barriers such as glass, wood or others.

The advantage of the built-in contactless reader, patented by LESI, is that it can be installed directly in the door or the frame, regardless of the material from which the door is made, and at the same time the reader cannot be stolen.

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Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 11 × 19 × 26 cm
Number of Electronic Keys

Type of electric key

Security type

Code Lenght

64 bits


125KHZ ASK,No Battery.



Method of reading


Available Material




Operating Temp

-20 to +60'C.

Dimensions per one key

40.5*32*4.2 mm.

Suitable for

, , , ,



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