RFID locking for warehouses, basements, garages BulKey BK4175


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The system is the best and affordable electronic locking for doors of lockers,warehouses, basements, garages etc. There are no visible elements from the outside. Extremely easy to install and operate.

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Locking of basements, garages, attics and others through locking system BK4175. It is a standard contactless RFID access control system that works with up to 999 125kHz ASK chips. There is a memory for events, short circuit protection. On the outside, the door is opened with an electronic key, and on the inside – by pressing a button.

The kit includes:
* Electronic autonomous system BKU417 with contactless reader LRF01 for building in with LED indicators.
* Electromagnetic lock BKL30
* Master key.
* Documentation.

There must be installed an “Unlock” button from the inside. The lock unlocks only electronically. It is normally locked and when a a voltage of 12V is submitted, it unlocks. The installation of the lock is external. Overall dimensions of the lock 55/23/28 mm. Dimensions with the fixing rails ( they can be cut) 55/43/28. The locking drop bolt is 10/10 mm with a pace of 10 mm. The current consumption during unlocking is to 1,1A.

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Application of the autonomous RFID electronic locking system Bulkey BK4175 for locking of basements, garages and others.

They control an electromagnetic lock type BKL30. The principle of operation is as follows: On the outside there is a reader with a two-color LED, which glows red when the lock is locked and green – when unlocked. A valid electronic key is supplied to the reader, the lock is unlocked for 15s with a door sensor installed or for 5s without a door sensor and the door can be opened. When the door is closed, the lock locks automatically (if this mode is selected). On the inside, the lock is unlocked by pressing a button.

How i manage the system and the keys?

The RFID access control system Bulkey BK4175 is controlled by a master key. The master key is one and only Main key for the system and cannot be deleted. Stored in the house manager or system owner. It saves new electronic RFID keys, deletes or replaces old ones. It is important to note that the BK4175 split system. This means that the reader (the visible part from the outside) is completely independent of the Lock Controller. So if an somebody attacks the reader, even if it damages it, the reader will NOT unlock the door.


The electronic keys can be deleted, temporarily banned or authorized to work in the system. If a key is deleted or banned from the system’s memory, it is unable to operate. All operations related to recording a new key, deleting a key, a temporary ban on a key, control of the system are performed by the owner, by a master key.

Electronic keys allow one key to be programmed to unlock many locks. This will allow you   to carry and operate with just one electronic key instead of the heavy bunch of keys and at the same time to feel protected. If you lose an electronic key, the only thing you need to do is go to the locks, which it unlocks, delete it and record a new one on its place. This will not affect the operation of the other keys in the system. Every electroni Key is Independent.  This is possible because each electronic key has an unique, different code and the lock remembers the codes of all keys that have access to it. In mechanical locks all keys have the same code and the loss or theft of keys makes it necessary to replace the entire lock and all the keys to it. When using electronic locking systems you do not need technicians, service workers or locksmiths. You alone control the locking system.


  1. High reliability and safety from mechanical, electronic or electrical breakage
  2. High vandal resistance
  3. Convenience and practicality
  4. Long life
  5. Access control
  6. Control of an indefinite number of locks with only one electronic key



Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


Operating temperature

-40 to +60 'C

Power supply

10 to 16 VDC, typically 12 VDC

Protection against

short circuit, reverse polarity of power supply, overload

Security type

Type of electric key

Maximum current


Power consumption at rest

max. 50 mA

Two-sided control


Output activation time

4s or 15s

Master Key included


Reader Included


Sound signalization

built-in buzzer

Three-color light indication


Modes of operation

automatic and manual

PC connection


Non-volatile event memory


Built-in clock


Vandal resistant


Remote control via GSM or Internet


System User Programming and Key Management

with Master Key

Automatic safety lock


Type of Reader


Suitable for


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