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Solution to the problem of uncontrolled propagation of electronic keys !!! These double-encrypted RFID electronic keys have specialized multi-layer cryptographic protocol Lesi and CANNOT be copied!

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Double Encrypted RFID electronic keys- Solution to the problem with the uncontrolled copying of electronic keys!!! These double-encrypted contactless RFID electronic keys have multi-layer cryptography protected by a double individual dynamic password. The keys have a specialized cryptographic protocol Lesi and CANNOT be copied! The double-encrypted RFID key has 256 bit code and works at 125kHz, combining two keys in one. The double encrypted key works with double encrypted systems (BKU617), single encrypted systems (BKU317, BKU517), standard systems (BKU417, BKU217 and other systems operating at 125 kHz). So again you will carry only one key that will work to many different systems / doors. For example, you can have an ordinary non-encrypted system on your enrance door and encrypted system in your elevator as an access control. Then if somebody copies the RFID L1 key, the Copy key will work with the entrance door system but NOT with the encrypted one in the elevator. For example, if you have double encrypted access control with BK6173 in your office and encrypted access control system on your home door (with BK517x), and standard system on your shared entrance door (with BK417x), the Double-Encrypted key can work with the three of them. If a copy is made from the original Double Encrypted key, the copy will work only with the standard system, but not with the encrypted system in your home door and double encrypted system in your office.

The Double-encrypted RFID electronic keys has two parts – ordinary and encrypted.

Thanks to this, it is extremely universal – it can work as an encrypted key in encrypted systems and as a simple key to ordinary systems. So you will carry only one key with you. The ordinary part of the key can be copied and it will work with the ordinary systems to which it is saved, but the encrypted part of the key can NOT be copied and the duplicate will not work to the protected encrypted systems !!!

Another great advantage is that the encrypted key can be transferred from one Bulkey system to another BulKey system, using specialized software and data cable. If the system is ordinary (not encrypted), it will be ported as a regular key. The encrypted key can be transferred via specialized software from a simple system to an encrypted system, and then its encrypted part is transferred, ie. it will work seamlessly in the new system as an encrypted key!

They are characterized by high quality and very good range. As can be seen from the photos, in appearance all RFID electronic keys are the same, but the LESI keys are distinguished by the larger size of the antenna, which significantly increases the range of operation. Logos or any kind of Information can be printed / engraved on them. Ergonomic and comfortable to wear.

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Additional information

Weight 0.030 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3.2 × 0.5 cm
Security type

Code Lenght

256 bits

Type of electric key


125KHZ ASK,No Battery.

Method of reading


Available Material




Operating Temp

-20 to +60'C.

Dimensions per one key

40*32*4.2 mm.

Suitable for

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