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The electromagnetic lock BKB101 is universal. It differs from BKB100 in that it has extra output for the state of the lock – an unlocked / locked. Its dimensions allow installation in any location and position of all types of doors.

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Electric Bolt BKB101  with state of the lock is used for locking and access control to doors with mandatory emergency safety – shared entrance doors, interior office doors, doors in industrial, public and office buildings and premises and others. Due to the fact that the lock is emergency safe and the overall dimensions are extremely small, it allows the lock to be mounted on partition office, corridor and entrance doors.
Its installation can be dug (hidden) in the frame or door, or external.

Electric Bolt BKB101 differs from BKB100 in that it has an output for the state of the lock – whether the bolt is outside or retracted. While the BKB100 only reads the door position – open / closed.

Unlike conventional mechanical locking systems, where the lock is located directly behind the keyhole and thieves know exactly where to attack – the BKB100 electronic lock can be located anywhere in the door frame, no matter from where it is unlocked. This would make it extremely difficult to do a targeted attack on the lock.
If the lock is mounted on the door leaf, a suitable transition element must be selected to ensure reliable transmission of electrical signals from the fixed to the movable part (see HERE).

The product consists of 2 parts – body of the lock and opposite plate. The distance between them should be less than 8 mm to ensure that the bolt will enter the hole in the plate.
There are 5 cables: Red (+), Black (-), Orange (Open), Green (NO), White (COM)
Time delay setting, 0/3/6/9 sec.

The most suitable control of this lock are the mini controllers developed by us, models Bulkey BKU417, BKU517 (for RFID keys) and Bulkey BKU419, BKU519 (for iButton keys), which can be hidden in the windows or in the door. Despite their small size, they combine in one key reader, control of a lock, buzzer, button (incl. Intercoms), have an output for connection to a computer, through which, in addition to the Master key, you can control the status of user keys. It is also possible for the lock to be remote controlled.

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Advantages of Bolt type electromagnetic locks:
  • completely hidden internal installation;
  • the presence of this type of lock is unknown for the thiefs;
  • emergency safe (if there is no emergency power supply, it automatically unlocks when the power supply fails);
  • provides a serious protrction;
  • electronic control only;
  • possibility to unlock by button;
  • built-in sensor for monitoring the position of the door – open / closed;
  • small sizes – possibility for installation in aluminum joinery;
  • is mounted on any type of door;
  • mounted on outward or inward door opening;
  • intercom control;
  • requires a very well fixed door;
  • minimum power for moving the bolt – requires mandatory free movement.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 23 × 8 × 5 cm


Type of Mounting

Holding Force

Face Plate





16mmDIA,stainless steel 13mm throw

Power Supply

12VDC(24VDC need order)

Operating current

For 900mA drive; At rest 120mA

Autolock Time Delay


Lock cylinder material

Stainless Steel


Red – when the bolt is unlocked, Green – when the bolt is locked

Operating temperature

-10 to + 55 degrees Celsius

Built-in detector for monitoring the door position

open / closed.

Built-in detector to monitor the state of the lock

unlocked / locked.

Induction Distance


Special Designed

Tested to 500000 operations

Face place material

304 stainless steel, wire draw finishing

Operating humidity

0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)

Suitable for

, ,



YLI electronic Ltd, China

Name from the manufacturer


type of fail

fail safe

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