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Electromagnetic bolt lock with universal application for locking refrigerators, freezers, lockers, drawers, basements, attics and more.

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Electromagnetic lock BKL30 is used to lock basements, ceilings,refrigerators, freezers and more. Operated only electrically. The lock is normally locked (fail-security), when 12VDC is applied, it is unlocked for the time for which the voltage is applied. Recommended time – maximum 15 seconds. The current consumption is up to 1A.

The direction of the locking latch (bolt) can be changed depending on how it is mounted. The installation of the lock is external, but there are no visible parts on the outside of the door. Overall dimensions of the lock 55/23/28 mm. Overall dimensions with mounting rails (can be cut) 55/43/28. The locking bolt is 10/10 mm with a stroke of 10 mm.

Electromagnetic lock BKL30 is one of the best solutions for refrigerators and freezers, lockers, basements, attics and etc, because of its small size and easy instllation. In this e-shop we have ready-made sets with BKL30. If you are using BKL30 for locking basements or attics, where the person could lock himself inside, it is recommended to install an unlock button on the inside. So if the door closes, the person will be able to press the button and unlock BKL30.

Here you can find ready-made kits with BKL30 for locking refrigerated display cases.
Here you can find ready-made kits with BKL30 for locking basements and attics.
If you want to learn in detail how locking systems work, visit our information site bulkey.info

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