Electronic lock for a locker RFID BKL602


An electronic lock with universal application for locking  lockers, cabinet doors, etc. Extremely useful for gyms, saunas, swimming pools, sports halls, cabinets, etc. The front panel has an elegant and stylish design with a silver covering.

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Unlocking theelectronic lock Bulkey is through electronic contactless RFID key for BKU602.
RFID electronic keys are in a different form – card, a tag, a clock and the like, depending on the mode of administration. They can print information, photos or other. They are comfortable and ergonomic. Have a relatively long life. RFID electronic key is a 64 bit code. Using a specially designed anti-scanning in the presence of so many combinations of code, the system provides extremely high reliability protection from unlocking using high-tech computers and systems. An advantage of the standard RFID keys is that they are the cheapest possible keys.

#1. Auto-Lock Type
Program guest keys on lock directly in advance. After unlocking, it will lock itself (latch gets out) automatically.
By default, we send the locks with this type. (One key to unlock or two keys to unlock, you can adjust on your side)

A big advantage and convenience is that a System and / or a Master electronic key can be programmed to control many electronic locks, it does not affect the security of the locking system and you don’t suffer the weight and inconvenience of a huge bunch of keys.

#2. Free Type (Public-Use)
Don’t need to program guest keys in advance. Read any blank key to lock it and read the same key again to unlock.

You can change the method of unlocking as well as the operation mode at any time by pressing the button in the manner described, without having to delete the recorded keys.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 14.4 × 6.5 × 2.3 cm


Security type

Type of electric key

Type of Mounting

Operating temperature

30 ~ +80 C.

Power supply

4 batteries x 1.5V AA, that last one year in normal use!
There is an option to unlock using external battery power in an emergency situation (low battery).


Zinc Alloy and ABS

Door Thickness

15-25 mm

Panel Color


Front Plate Dimentions


Suitable for


Shenzhen EPROERTM Tech Co.,Ltd.

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