Remote Controled Electronic locking for warehouses, basements, garages BulKey BKVCB5


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Remote locking of warehouses, cellars, garages, refrigerators, freezers,  etc. Perfect for internal mounting without any visible signs for the existance of the locking system

The electronic remote control locking system kit for garages,basements, attics with remote control module BKVCB + invisible lock and invisible reader – secure shield against thieves. Suitable for locking homes, offices; for aluminum and metal doors. An unlock button can be installed on the inside (Not included in the set, you can choose from HERE)

The BulKey BKVCBx electronic locking system kit includes:

1.Remote Control Mocule Valcor VCB
2. 1pc. remote control TX33
3. Electronic lock BKL30

+ Detailed manual for explotation.

How i control the system?

The Valcor VCB module includes a remote control that is already registered to it. When you press the big button on the remote control, the lock will open, and when you press the middle button, the lock will lock the door. Another mode of operation is that when a button is pressed, the door opens for a pre-set time and then locks automatically. (For more detailed info about the module VCB and its modes of operation find HERE). If you have three objects with such sets, you can train the remote controls for each of them and program opening the modules with different buttons (the remote has 3 buttons). So using one remote you can unlock 3 different doors, depending on which button you press.  If you want to register more remotes to the module that can unlock and lock, (up to 14) this is done in an extremely easy method described in the manual. You only need to access the valcor VCB Module during registration. If you lose the remote control, all you have to do is delete all the remotes from the module’s memory and save only the available ones, so the lost remote control will no longer be able to control the module. The amazing advantage of this type of lock is that there are no visible parts on the door to reveal where the lock is installed. The remote controls working in the set have a specially made hopping code, which cannot be duplicated by another device.

The lock is operated only electrically. The lock is normally locked. Pressing a button on the remote control starts a voltage of 12V from the module and it is unlocked for 5 seconds. During that time a buzzer can produce a sound signal, showing that the door is unlocked. If during these 5 seconds the door is not opened, it will automatically lock. When closing the door, it will automatically lock.The direction of the locking bolt can be changed, making the lock universal for different type of doors.  The installation of the lock is external. Dimensions of the lock 55/23/28 mm. Dimensions with fixing rails (they can be cut) 55/43/28. The locking bolt is 10/10 mm with a pace of 10 mm. The power consumption for unlocking is up to 1.1 A.

  • Mind that for garages its recommended to use two locks BKL30. (in kit is included one)
  • If you want an autonomous battery power ( for  unlocking  when there is no electricity) you should  add power supply in a box with a 4Ah battery included.
  • You dont know how to choose? Check our guide HERE
  • If you want to learn in detail how locking systems work, visit our information site


Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 7 cm
Size of the controller

75/57/30 мм

Chanels available


Type of electric key

Power supply


Operation current

when working – max 50 mA;
at rest – max 15 mA;


up to 100 meters

Programmable operation modes


Suitable for

, ,

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