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  • Encrypted
  • iButton keys
  • 3 Choices of electronic locks
  • Vandal-proof
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In response to the uncontrolled copying of chips and the desire of our customers to stop this, we designed and built encrypted systems. This type of encrypted system is of medium security and is suitable for common entry doors and even homes!. These chips have 128 bit code and are extremely good value for money and protect the key from copying through standard copiers. The advantage of our technology is that copy-encrypted keys can also be used on standard non-encrypted systems, allowing one key to be used for many different devices! A duplicate encrypted key may work with standard systems to which the original is written, but not with encrypted systems.

CAUTION: Before you choose a certain model locking system, please consider the specifics of the systems – options of the electronic system, type of electronic key, type of electronic lock!

The BulKey BK5193 electronic locking system kit includes:

1. Encrypted BKU519 autonomous system
2. Contact iButton embedded LED reader  Model: LRD34
3. Power supply AC220V/DC12V 2А
4. 1pc.  master key
5. Electronic lock  type Bolt ВКВ 100,
6. Unlock button on the inside,
7. Mounting plate for the button,


• Custom electronic keys are not included! They are ordered separately, depending on the individual needs of each client.

The electronic keys can be deleted, temporarily banned or authorized to work in the system. If a key is deleted or banned from the system’s memory, it is unable to operate. All operations related to recording a new key, deleting a key, a temporary ban on a key, control of the system are performed by the owner, by a master key. The master key is a main, single key for the system by which it is controlled. It can not be deleted

Electronic keys allow one key to be programmed to unlock many locks. This will allow you   to carry and operate with just one electronic key instead of the heavy bunch of keys and at the same time to feel protected. If you lose an electronic key, the only thing you need to do is go to the locks, which it unlocks, delete it and record a new one on its place. This is possible because each electronic key has an unique, different code and the lock remembers the codes of all keys that have access to it. In mechanical locks all keys have the same code and the loss or theft of keys makes it necessary to replace the entire lock and all the keys to it. When using   electronic locking systems you do not need technicians, service workers or locksmiths. You alone control the locking system.

The systems differ in the following parameters:
1. Kind and type of the electronic lock that they operate
2. Kind and type of the electronic key
3. Maximum number of electronic keys which operate
4.  Memory capacity for events
5. A real-time clock which makes possible the events in the memory to be stored under the correct date, time, minute.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


Power supply

220V wit switchibg power supply (included)

Protection against

short circuit, reverse polarity, overload

Security type

Maximum current


Two-sided control


Output activation time

4s or 15s

Type of electric key

Master Key included


Reader Included


Type of Reader

Button or door intercom system input


Door position monitoring


Sound signalization

built-in buzzer

Three-color light indication


Modes of operation

automatic and manual

PC connection


Non-volatile event memory


Built-in clock


Vandal resistant


Remote control via GSM or Internet


System User Programming and Key Management

with Master Key

Automatic safety lock


Suitable for


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