GSM520 Communicator for Universal Usesuitable for Notification, self-guarding, Device management, Telemetry


The Valcor GSM520 is used for remote unlocking through absolutely free phone calls. It can be used to unlock doors, barriers, lifts and more. Only managed by phones that are stored in its memory. The device is programmed by sending command SMSs from a master master number. This also records and deletes the phone numbers that are allowed to operate the module. The Valcor GSM520 works with up to 128 users and the Valcor GSM540 works with up to 999 users / subscribers. The model of the communicator (number of subscribers) is selected from Product OPTIONS!
Thanks to this communicator you can control the site, regardless of your location, the important thing is to have a phone that is authorized for work!

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The kit of the communicator includes:
1.Module in a plastic box,
3.Input cable,
4.Power supply connector,
5.Detailed operation and installation schemes!

The device is extremely suitable for inclusion in the door of the building where there is no intercom or damaged. It plugs directly into the electronic lock or electronic locking system. By ringing the communicator unlocked lock for some time (programmable between 1 second and several hours), then locks. In the module puts a SIM card (whatever and mobile operator) are recorded numbers that are allowed to open the door (by sending an SMS command from the main phone number or by computer). From here on only the numbers that are stored in the module can he clinks, to open the door. At any time, the numbers of users can be changed – deleted or replaced with new ones by sending SMS. To open the door, just have to call the module and your phone number to have the right to open! Saves the repair or construction of a new intercom system, and gives you the freedom wherever you are in the world to be able to unlock the door. To use the communicator to unlock not pay anything extra, as it unlocks a call that does not cost money. For the use of GSM communicator is not required to pay any additional monthly fees other than fees for their actual communication (calls or SMS) by the communicator to alert phones on the scale of the respective mobile operator to which you have taken the SIM card. The phone numbers are saved by sending an SMS or via a PC.

The programming of the communicator is performed remotely via SMS via computer with specialized data cable and software company LESI. After programming settings are stored in the memory of the communicator, making it independent of the SIM card (it can be replaced without affecting the settings).
Can be used for controlling access to elevators – place in the elevator shaft, excludes the power to the lift and the only one who has the right to use the lift will be able to activate it. Thus, through your mobile phone will be able to manage and front door and elevator, and one of the users will be able to manage only door for example, as unwilling to pay for the elevator – in this case, their telephone number is not recorded in

1. Compatible with any SIM cards and mobile operators. It has built an indication of the quality of GSM signal (range).
2. Five entrance areas, distributed as follows:
An alarm zone with high priority, on which it can choose the way of activation: a table or voltage DC12V, via normally open contact-NO or through normally closed contact – NC. This zone can be used as a control area for inclusion and exclusion of monitoring other areas.
Four user areas, which can choose the method of activation – by NO or by NC to GND. One of these zones may be used to monitor the power supply;
3. Each zone is programmable as follows:
Setting the active level of activation; Getting information from the areas under their every state – active or inactive; Customer inscribing the name of the zones; Alarm Memory from each zone – memory for 32 events; Continuous monitoring of the status of zones programmed into the system’s memory devices; Different setting notification from each zone for each phone; Individual adjustment of the manner and method for monitoring and display of each input region separately in the information SMS; Selecting a combination of states of input areas as a condition for communication. Selecting the first priority area and memory areas in communication.
4. Auser programmable output – output is integrated relay contacts 6A / 240V;
Management by call or SMS from the main phone; Programming how and when to trigger outputs; Customer inscribing the name of the output; Flexible user setup of the way will be given information about the status of the output.
5. Master phone notification, control and reprogram communication – communicator perform official functions, record and delete user numbers by sending an SMS.
6. Three subordinates phone notification, control and reprogram communication- communicator perform official functions, record and delete user numbers by sending SMS.<
7. User phones – include ringing in output for a preset time; GSM52x works with up to 128 phone number and GSM54x up to 999 phones.
8. Memory for events and conditions communicator
Programming in any area which event to remember; Remembering the date and time of the event; Size of memory – the last 32 events; Control access to the memory.
9. Send control SMS, showing the condition of the module in a user-defined time period.
10. Remote programming by sending an SMS or through a specialized computer data cable
11. Ability to send command SMS from the main phone.
12. Ability to use as a security system, remote control barriers, doors, appliances and telemetry.
13. Function of intelligent monitoring for the presence of range

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg


Dimensions of the communicator

width – 57 mm, length – 76 mm, height – 30 mm.

Number of Inputs for Monitoring

Number of Outputs for Control

Number of Managing Users


Number of Users


Memory for Events

Audio Channel

Measurment of Power Supply

Measurment of Voltage

Measurment of Temperature


Ability to control Bulkey sytems

Indication for failure of the Power Supply


Input for Emergency Power supply


Protection for unauthorized access


Suitable for

, , ,

Power Supply

DC12V (min. 10V – max.16V)

Current consumption at rest

max. 50mA; typicsal – 20mA

Current consumption included peripherals

Max 1A

Operating Temperature

-20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Protection class


Maximum parameters of the built-in relay contacts

6A / AC / DC-250V

Operating frequencies of the GSM module

900/1800 MHz

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