GSM581 Combined emergency GSM panic button with phone-call and BKU access control to the elevator


The GSM communicator Valcor GSM581 / 583 communicates bilaterally between distressed people, most often in elevators, with emergency services supporting elevator technicians and others. The communicator installs quickly and sets up extremely fast and is easy to use YOU DONT NEED INTENET TO USE IT.

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The kit of the communicator includes:
1.Module in a plastic box,
3.Input cable,
4.Power supply connector,
5.Detailed operation and installation schemes!

The GSM communicator Valcor GSM581 / 583 communicates bilaterally between distressed people, most often in elevators, with emergency services supporting elevator technicians and others. The communicator installs quickly and sets up extremely fast and is easy to use. It is applicable to any building with a mobile operator scope and meets all legal requirements for emergency systems for passenger and freight lifts in accordance with the European standard EN81-28: 2004. For the use of the GSM communicator, only the fee for the actual communication (calls or SMS) from the communicator to the notified phones is paid, at the rate of the respective mobile operator to which you have received your SIM card. You can perform remote control and control of access to the new generation Bulkey BKU517, 519, 417, 419, 217, 219, their modifications and more, such as: remote control of user keys, change settings and more. It can also be used to control access to elevators by free ringing to the communicator from the recorded telephone numbers of regular payers. This can also avoid annoyingly welcoming and sending guests who do not have an elevator key.

The Valcor GSM581 / 583 is programmed according to the individual needs of each user (or object) in one of the following ways: by command SMS from master number; over the internet through a cloud-based virtual server. The microphone and speaker amplification levels are also adjusted remotely.

ATTENTION: The device has the required certification and complies with the “SAFETY ORDINANCE REGULATORY ORDER” and all claims against this are unfair commercial practices and are aimed at fraud and personal gain. Can be used for all types of lifts.

Link from where you can download the Valcor GSM application for free. , making it easy, convenient, and comprehensible for everyone to program, control, and receive information about your communicator. The communication between the application and the GSM communicator is done by ringing and / or SMS.

* Ability to work and set up with SIM cards of all GSM operators in Bulgaria, including the features of their prepaid services – with time and functional parameters, as well as with international operators. The device meets the European standards for GSM communication.
* Remote programming by sending SMS from master numbers.
* Eight phones for notification, control and communication.
* Three programmable input zones that can be selected via NO or NC to ground.
Audio channel – The ability to make calls at the site where the communicator is located (additional microphone and speaker required). Warning: The audio channel has no protection and must be carefully installed
* One programmable user output – integrated relay with 6A / 240V contact;
* Consumer Phones – include pre-set time output when making a call; The GSM581 works with up to 128 phones and the GSM583 works with up to 999 phones.
* Dual power supply – mains and battery. Monitor the power supply
* Possibility for making calls at the premises where the communicator is located (it is necessary to put an additional microphone and speaker
* All SMS sent from the communicator are instantaneously compiled and reflect the current status of the communicator, inputs, outputs and GSM signal quality.
* Ability to send a control SMS indicating that the device has restarted.
* Option for simultaneous use as security, remote control and telemetry.
* Sending a control SMS indicating the module’s serviceability over a user-defined period of time.
* Smart range tracking feature
In the event of an accident, the distressed person presses and holds the emergency button for a preset time. The communicator begins to select the first phone stored in its memory. Phone numbers for contacting technicians can be up to 8. If the technician answers, a call is made. If he does not answer, the communicator closes and starts dialing the next phone number until he contacts someone.

* Valcor GSM58x can send status SMS every 72 hours (programmable function) to a control number.
* Remote control and control with SMSK BulKey access control systems

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg


Dimensions of the communicator

width – 57 mm, length – 76 mm, height – 30 mm.

Number of Inputs for Monitoring

Number of Outputs for Control

Number of Managing Users


Number of Users


Memory for Events

Audio Channel

Measurment of Power Supply

Measurment of Voltage

Measurment of Temperature


Ability to control Bulkey sytems


Indication for failure of the Power Supply


Input for Emergency Power supply


Protection for unauthorized access


Suitable for

, , , , ,

Power Supply

DC12V (min. 10V – max.16V)

Current consumption at rest

max. 50mA; typicsal – 20mA

Current consumption included peripherals

Max 1A

Operating Temperature

-20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C

Protection class


Maximum parameters of the built-in relay contacts

6A / AC / DC-250V

Operating frequencies of the GSM module

900/1800 MHz

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