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Vandal proof iButton electric reader for contact electronic keys type iButton – F5. The reader is built with an integrated tri-color LEDs.

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Vandal proof iButton electronic reader for contact electronic keys type iButton – F5. The probe/reader is built with an integrated tri-color LEDsThe reader has a size ФF23 mm and made from metal with a nickelchromium coating. Particularly suitable for installation in areas with high security in places with little or no supervisionwith large flow of peoplethe front door of buildings  in elevators and others. It has electro-shock protctions.

iButton electronic reader OPTIONS:
With Socket for Bulkey systems:  BKU419
Without Socket for Bulkey systems:  BKU219


their installation is easy. An 18 mm hole must be drilled in which the reader is placed. It is screwed with a nut on the back.

The iButton electronic reader works with models controllers Bulkey BKU219,- without socket. For model BKU419,is a variant with a socket. These controllers are mini-sized and in most cases can be mounted directly behind the

Many systems use iButtons for access control, data collection or authorization. These devices, such as door locks, vending machines, parking meters, etc., need an iButton probe for communicating to iButtons.

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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LESI-2000 Ltd, Bulgaria

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