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RFID controller BAC314 is one of the most advanced controllers for independent access by contactless keys and / or code. The controller is built on powerful modern CPU. It manage up to 500 keys, the mode of access can be set to work only with the authorization key or with authorized key and code.

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The BAC314 is a controller with RFID chips and / or a keyboard terminal. It manages up to 500 keys, and the access mode can be set to work only with an Authorized Key, with a common Code or with an Authorized Key. The user code is four digits.

How do you set it up?

The user code and chip management is done by a six-digit master code. It is usually known only to the house manager or system owner. With this master code it can delete specific RFID electronic keys (chips), or save new Electronic keys are stored in the system by number, which allows you to delete or disable a specific key number. This is very convenient because if your neighbor loses his key, you can only delete the lost key and save a new one in its place, without interfering with the normal operation of all other keys stored in the system. If someone tries to unlock with the deleted key, the system will not recognize it and will remain locked.

Additional features to the RFID keyboard terminal include: door sensor, output control relay, door open alarm, device theft alarm.
The controller can be connected: bell, exit button and electronic locks.
The BAC314 controller with keyboard and RFID chips is ideal for access control for elevators, offices, public and industrial buildings and more.

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Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


Size of the controller

116mm x 116mm x 20 mm

Operating temperature

-10 to +55 'C

Power Supply

12-14V AC / DC

Security type

Type of electric key


Output Type

Relay Output

Maximum current


Power consumption at rest


Ability to control more than one reader

Two-sided control


Output activation time


Compatible with NC and NO locks


Master Key included

No (Not Needed)

Reader Included


Button or door intercom system input


Door position monitoring


Sound signalization

built-in buzzer and output for external one

Three-color light indication

No, Two-color light indication

Modes of operation


PC connection


Non-volatile event memory


Built-in clock


Vandal resistant


Remote control via GSM or Internet


System User Programming and Key Management

With code

Automatic safety lock


Type of Mounting

Suitable for

, , ,




Name from the manufacturer

NT-100 EM

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