Long life, ball bearing fan 5V 2507-2.5


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It is compatible with the MaticBox fan adapter. It can be placed directly on the case body as well. It van fit in MaticBox with the low profile cover. (as seen on the photos)

The price is per one fan.

Here you can find more information about MaticBox innovative case: MaticBox 4

Here you can read our article about fan efficiency and comparison: Which is the most efficient fan for Raspberry Pi 4?

Dimensions: 25x25x7mm (LxWxH):
Bearing type: ball bearing
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Rated current: 0.15A ± 10%
Rated speed: 2500 ± 5% rpm.
Noise level: 17± 10% dBA.
Mounting distance: 20.0 ± 0.3 mm:
Fan life: 50000 hours
Net weight: 7g / pc.

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