Module to protect battery from deep discharge LPDD2


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The module serves to protect the battery from deep discharge

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The module is used for protection against deep discharge battery 12V / 4Ah and 7Ah. The device has an input, which is connected to the 14V adapter, output,which is connected to the battery and output to connect to consumers. The module works as follows: power supply to consumers will be submitted after the submission of the input voltage of 14V adapter (presence of 220V), after dropping 220V, power supply to be absorbed by the battery. If the battery is discharged to a voltage below 9,8V, the unit will automatically turn off consumers from the battery, as this will prevent the battery from deep discharge. Consumers will be powered again after a the entrance of a 14V adapter. Thus the battery and consumers are protected from momentary inclusions due to self-excitation of the battery. The maximum power of consumers can be up to 3A.

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