Passive Infrared Shock and Glass Breakege Detector LC102


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A new generation of professional movement spread spectrum analizing PIR, Shock & Galss Breakage detectors.

The detector provides ana analysis of environmental conditions through the entire movement spread frequency spectrum. It listens for sound of breaking glass, with produced two sequential signals of different frequence ” SHOCK” and “GLASS”. The unique phased frequency detection circuitry of this detectoe allows detection of both shock signal and the strong signal of glass breakage creating a false alarm free detector. The detector does not need to be able attached to the window, providing volume protection, and allowing you to protect several windows with one detector.

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Weight 0.2 kg



118 x 62.5 x 41 mm

Power Supply


Current Draw

Alarm PIR: 16.5mA; Alarm Shock & Glass: 22ma; Alarm all: 18mA; Standby: 16.5mA

Alarm period

2 sec

Alarm Output

NC 28VDC 0.1mA with 28Ohm series protection resistor.

Tamper switch

NC 28VDC 0.1mA with 28Ohm series protection resistor – open when cover is removed

Warm up period

60 sec

LED indicator

Yellow LED (glass); Green LED (Shock); Red LED (Alarm);
Fleshing light: glass & break detection or glass & shock & PIR detection
Constant light: PIR detection

Operating temperature

-10 to +50 degrees C

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