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Valcor TX33 remote control is used for Bulkey and Valcor remote control and access control modules. Secure technology with 64-bit hopping code.

Valcor TX33 remote control is used for Bulkey and Valcor remote control and access control modules.

The advantage of Valcor remote control locking systems is that they have no visible elements. The modules are mounted on the inside of the door and only you control the lock via the buttons on the remote control. Valcor remote controls have a 64-bit code. They have a hopping code, which means that every time you press a button, a different code is emitted, which cannot be duplicated. The code hopping is expressed in a pseudo-random sequence, moving on a different, unique algorithm for each remote control. An anti-code scanning system has been introduced in the remote control modules, manufactured by Lesi, and it is not possible to penetrate the system even by listing random combinations. If there has been an attempt to penetrate the system through the remote control, it considers it a loss of synchronization and will automatically request identification remotely through the so-called synchronization procedure.

The disadvantage of remote controls is that they work with a battery that is consumable and can be used up at the wrong time. The remote control itself is relatively complex as a device that allows it to be damaged by wetting, shock, dust and more. Another disadvantage is that the ether is used for the transmission of the code, which can be muted voluntarily or involuntarily and the signal from the remote control cannot reach the remote control module at this moment (the remote control does not work).

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