Autocolante cu numere de serie pentru etichetele RFID


Stickers with serial numbers for affixing on RFID electronic keys before saving them in the locking system. This greatly simplifies key management.

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Stickers with serial numbers for RFID elecronic keys. The numbering could be from 1 to 500. The stickers are used for numbering RFID electronic keys.

Why is this necessary?

Bulkey electronic locking systems offer the opportunity to manage each electronic key separately. Thus, if someone loses a key, you will be able to use the master key to delete the specific lost key from the system without affecting the operation of the other active keys. To do this, however, you need to know under which number it is stored in the system. These stickers with serial numbers are used for this designation of RFID electronic keys. The numbering facilitates the distribution and subsequent control of the keys, because in Bulkey lock systems, in addition to deleting, electronic keys can be individually disabled (the key is not deleted, but still does not unlock the system), Replaced (In place of key number X to over-write another) and many more options.

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