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WHat electronic lock i want?

Here we go with the first part! There are many types of electronic locks…but for shared entrances we recommend one of these three. All of them are emergency safe, and if there is an emergency situation in the building all the people can exit fast and safe! Choose one depending on your door type. Keep in mind that if you choose one, after years you can always change it with another, no matter what are the other components of the system. (3 options)

Electromagnetic Lock EMB300

The magnet is one of the most common types of locks for shared entrances or doors, through which a large flow of people passes. It is better of all other types of locks in that there are no moving parts and almost no electronics. These qualities contribute to its trouble-free long-term operation. We have installed magnets on buildings with over 60 apartments and for 25 years since their installation they continue to work properly. Imagine how many times a day the lock has to work to accomodate the flow of people from 60 apartments

The EMB300 magnet holds the door at the top with a force of 300 kg. However, this quality makes it unsuitable for PVC and thin aluminum doors, as the holding force is only in the corner where the magnet is and there is a danger that the door will twist over time. For all other types of front doors, the magnet will do the job perfectly.

Electromagnetic Drop Bolt BKB100

The Bolt lock is convenient for locking your entrance. The advantage of the Bolt type lock is its small size, which allows it to be dug into almost any type of door / frame, including PVC doors, where the electromagnet is not applicable. It is dug-in mounting in the door and is not visible when the door is closed. The disadvantage of a bolt lock is that the spike must enter exactly into the opposite hole to close the door. Usually a minimum clearance is left for movement, but if the front door in one way or another collapses or bends, it will cause difficulty in locking. In addition, the lock has mechanical moving parts, which is why once every few years maintenance must be performed. 

Electromagnetic Strike EMH

The electromagnetic strike is a budget and compromise option for locking the front door. It only allows the simultaneous operation of an electronic locking system and a mechanical key. It is a perfect solution if not all of your neighbors agree with the electronic keys, so those who want to stay with the old mechanical keys can countinue to use them and this will not interfere with the electronic system.

The disadvantage of the electromagnetic striker is that there is not as much holding force and for example at high pressure applied, it unlocks.

There are two main types of Electromagnetic strike

  • Fail Safe -When there is no eletricity it stays unlocked
  • Fail security – When there is no electricity it stays locked

(Choose electronic lock to countinue)

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